The Game Of Censors- Airing Monday Feb 15


Our recent memories take us back to think how Indian channels have purposefully done their bit to blur a woman wearing a bra that is visible at the nipples,or groin regions of a statue or mute and mangle words like ‘Muslims’ and  ‘fuck’. The question remains, ‘How is Game on Thrones possibly going to be aired on the Indian television?’

With the buzz around HBO’s much loved series ‘Game of Thrones’ getting aired on Indian television,most of us have been wondering   how Indian televsion is going to put up a show open,that is variably based on content that India deems to be offensive. The show which is premeiring along with the United States at IST 6:30 on HBO defined is one of the top stories making news,for Indian channels will rush to paranoia,and might just cut down the one hour show to a 22 minutes one.The show based on George RR Martin’s fantasy series A Song Of Ice and Fire, where political and sexual intrigue abound has story lines of family and honour, ambition and love, and death and survival, has captured the imagination of fans globally ,but the question that lies in the foremost is that how is India going to telecast a show that has been plagued (yes plagued in the conceptions of the censor board) with adultery.Oh if we’re getting a censored version though, then we promise to share spoilers for every scene we watch.

While television in the US is being allowed to grow up and push the envelope – which has resulted in some of the best shows in recent memory, such as House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones – the standards for what’s acceptable on Indian television are actually regressing, which is probably the result of a decade and a half of saas- bahu serials. Internalised racism, misogyny and other things that are a part of Indian “culture” are of course allowed to stay, the concern was nasty Western notions, such as a character who might eat beef (frequently censored out, including in subtitles), or heavens, an ancient statue that has breasts.It might just be nostalgia, but it seems that late 80s-early 90s were the golden generation of television in India, and everything has been downhill since.Words like Hell, Jesus, sex and shit all are deemed offensive by one channel or the other, and while some will mute the word entirely, others just change it in subtitles. So please keep your wifi handy in case you need to download bittorrent to see Tyrion Lannister try his luck on a whore or Cersei and Jamie do the rounds with more adultery.

The IBF guidelines are against showing nudity, and even the depiction of movements of sexual activity, unless the content is educational. This makes watching the early seasons of Game of Thrones on Indian television next to impossible.All the potential Game of Thrones watchers thus know what Game of Thrones is going to be minus the ‘shit’ that Indian channels will cover with beeps and blurs.No wonder we might just  be watching the climax before the plot, or well, episodes so blurred that you’re reminded of the DD Era.



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