Let us talk about Domicile Reservation in DU, Metro and Public Toilets


Recently, Mr. Manish Sisodia asserted that he supports the previous government’s decision to give 90% reservation to Delhi Region students in 12 DU Colleges fully funded by the state and 60% reservation to 16 other DU Colleges partially funded by the state.

Debate after debate, much has been said and discussed over the past few years on this subject but the most startling and shocking thing about this whole announcement was not the government’s stand (which was obviously opportunistic), not the faculty’s stand of Delhi University (which ridiculed and rejected the move) but the stand of most of the Delhiites.

How most of the students of Delhi  cheered up to the above said announcement was both shocking and sad.  There is a difference between Majoritarianism and Democracy – but we seem to have forgotten the basics in the light of extreme selfishness.

“Delhi University is for Delhi students. Other states have it too”

Delhi University is and was a central university with globally acclaimed courses and Alumni network. It is known for its cultural diversity. It is the pride of India and Indians – and not ‘Delhites’,  ‘Mumbaikars’  etcetera .

It is unfortunate how we love and hate these boundaries at the same time depending if its advantageous to us or not. We hate it when certain extremists drive ‘UP waalas’ or ‘Biharis’ out of ‘Bombay’ and wear the garb of liberalism but when it comes to domicile reservation, we throw our nationalism out of the window. We are two-faced people who will hate Minority Appeasement through reservation but will go on lengths to celebrate when a party practices Majority Appeasement. Because morality, you can go to hell.

“What is wrong with having it in just 12 colleges? People of Delhi pay for it!”

Wrong.  Delhi is as much a part of India as any other region. Better acknowledge them as People of India than People of Delhi.  If funding is a problem, why can’t the government provide more funds to these colleges to help them establish better infrastructure to accommodate more students? Perhaps make these centrally funded as well?  How about making more state universities on the lines of DU?

But the government chooses to support the most regressive of all solutions – reservation. Perhaps next, there should be reservation in Metro seats as well. Public Toilets can follow. ‘Only for Delhiites’

“Parents don’t send their daughters outside Delhi”

I feel this regressive mentality has to go rather than this being justified as the basis of a regressive solution. Men and Women are equal and both should thrive academically to secure a seat in University of Delhi.

Let us give a legal outlook to the proposed reservation. Article 15(4) of the constitution points out that the State may make special provisions for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens or for SCs and STs. When did being born in Delhi meant to suit the above criteria automatically?

If domicile reservation seeps through the DU system, it would be a black spot on the golden history of this esteemed University. It will be the victory of Hypocrisy and Majoritarianism over Democracy and Righteousness. BJP, Congress and the ruling party speak in harmony on this issue – perhaps populism is not a new concept in politics. I hope my fellow Indians in Delhi see beyond populism and oppose this regressive proposal.

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